A sculpture will begin with an armature made from steel and styrofoam to create the frame of the body and base.

Clay is added to the armature

If the piece is site specific, before the clay is finalized I may take it to the site to verify dimensions and positioning.

A latex rubber and then plaster is brushed over the clay and allowed to harden to make a mold.

Hot wax will then be poured into the mold to create a wax form.

The wax form is then "chased" to correct irregularities.

A shell mold is prepared over the wax form, then put in a kiln to melt away the wax. Molten bronze is poured into this mold. The bronze form is now ready to finalize.

Large sculptures are created in pieces. After welding the bronze pieces together, the sculpture is "chased", which removes weld marks and blends texures.

The piece is sandblasted in preparation for the patina

For this patina, the piece was heated, and color was applied.

The sculpture is sealed and waxed, ready for display.

Final sculpture